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Woodland Druid (all positions)


For thousands of years, the Woodland Druid has been the mythical steward of the wilds, punishing those who would sully his verdant domain.


  • 9bf35ada10d19.png Woodland Druid
  • 60dfc2be10d1b.png Woodland Druid (Enchanted Pelt)
  • 1a1f91de10d1d.png Woodland Druid (Mossy Beard)
  • 955f647e10d1f.png Woodland Druid (Thornwood Gloves)
  • Ef9f371e10d21.png Woodland Druid (Thornwood Boots)
  • 50af897f10d23.png Woodland Druid (Sidhe Tattoo)

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