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Description[edit | edit source]

As you gaze upon the hidden treasure, an overwhelming sensation possesses you.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 64bb4a0f989cd5.png Wisteria
  • 1e7b196f989cd7.png Wisteria (Play Cap)
  • 20a76c0a989ce5.png Wisteria (Collar)
  • 4d7e5ef5989e39.png Wisteria (Play Dress)
  • 2ca94fa5989e9b.png Wisteria (Play Shoes)
  • 16a32ed5989eaf.png Wisteria (Tyrian's Coat)
  • 3a8d460798a083.png Wisteria (Headband)
  • C741369598a0e3.png Wisteria (Bunny Plush)
  • 37566c0298a361.png Wisteria (Torn)
  • 8866d26398a363.png Wisteria (Hair)
  • 396ec3de98a365.png Wisteria (Mysterious Ring)
  • 43ae90be98a367.png Wisteria (Leggings)
  • 6e8c384898a415.png Wisteria (Boots)
  • D1bc862998a417.png Wisteria (Bangs)
  • F0c7ae6f98a4b9.png Wisteria (Skirt)
  • 8a07fd0f98a4bb.png Wisteria (One Piece)
  • 54708af98a4bd.png Wisteria (Vest)
  • 7f875bcf98a4bf.png Wisteria (Innocence)
  • C0b7e5ae98a4c1.png Wisteria (Ribbons)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 2nd Gen could be acquired from Spinami.

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Recolors[edit | edit source]

Theme[edit | edit source]

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