Winter Rose (all positions)


The Winter Rose is the most beautiful flower in all of Gaia. Its soft petals are durable enough to use as clothing.


  • 67e0a7d32c67 Winter Rose
  • 1d20f4b32c65 Winter Rose (Nest of Thorns)
  • 272fe64e2c69 Winter Rose (Upon My Lips)
  • 23fc81d62c6b Winter Rose (Floral Crown)
  • 593cd2b62c6d Winter Rose (Rosy Cap)
  • 2983d8ea2c6f Winter Rose (Grand Bouquet)
  • 53438b8a2c71 Winter Rose (Floral Gown)
  • 138cca172c73 Winter Rose (Petal Rain)
  • D2aa33032c75 Winter Rose (Thumbelina)

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