Riding a fearsome beast is much safer than driving a car, unless your ride gets hungry. Choose from three Wild Things: Roc the firebird, Fenrir the wolf and Khan the tiger.


  • 59d452013af7 Wild Things
  • 231401613af9 Wild Things (Fenrir's Call)
  • 9c24bf003afb Wild Things (Roc)
  • 2d2caebd3afd Wild Things (Roc's Call)
  • 57ecfddd3aff Wild Things (Khan)
  • D8ac087d3b01 Wild Things (Khan's Call)


  • Fenrir is a giant wolf from Norse mythology.
  • The Roc is a giant bird from Middle Eastern mythology.
  • This item's Roc pose resembles a Chocobo from Final Fantasy.
  • Shere Khan is a Bengal tiger from Rudyard Kipling's book The Jungle Book.
  • The Wild Armor was later released in the cash store, and was made to equip over Wild Things. This is the only MC to have another item designed to equip with it in this way.

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