White Fang (all positions except envelope)


It's true that blood is thicker than water, but not even that can stand in the way of White Fang's quest to become the next Alpha.


  • 44c6e6df9c21bd White Fang
  • 7a1a93ba9c21b7 White Fang (Hair)
  • 230385079c219d White Fang (Blood)
  • 8f9a357a9c21b3 White Fang (Face)
  • 59c3d6679c219f White Fang (top)
  • D68323c79c21a1 White Fang (belt)
  • F55a661a9c21b1 White Fang (Leggings)
  • 19718b629c071d January 2016 Collectible Envelope

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