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Not the fanciest peripheral replacements, but they get the job done.

Positions Edit

  • Dc40dcf1157fb Weathered Cybernetics
  • 6aa4e59e157fd Weathered Cybernetics(Combat Claw)
  • 1064b6fe157ff Weathered Cybernetics(Right Clamp Manipulator)
  • 9f24435e15801 Weathered Cybernetics(Left Clamp Manipulator)
  • E5e4103e15803 Weathered Cybernetics (Left Hydraulic Leg)
  • 5ad4ae5f15805 Weathered Cybernetics (Right Hydraulic Leg)

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Tags: weathered, cybernetics, combat, claw, manipulator, hydraulic, leg, red, orange, metal, robot, mecha, scifi, premiumci, radio, havok, cybernetic

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