This soothsayer may be beautiful, but her fortune unsettles news for you. Dressed in gold and teal and obscured by a jeweled veil, the tea leaves in her chalice reveal an unsettling fate. She can change your luck, but it will come at a steep price...


  • Eeb7b83c992507 Wary Omen
  • 5187065d992509 Wary Omen (Gathered Overskirt)
  • Aaab9e3999250b Wary Omen (Jeweled Gown)
  • D06bcd5999250d Wary Omen (Jeweled Veil)
  • 5f2b38f999250f Wary Omen (Ribboned Light Locks)
  • 25eb6b99992511 Wary Omen (Lis Nouvelles)

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