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A wise and benevolent princess who uses her wisdom and her sorcerous gifts to guide her people.

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  • 78e5b9bd9b1a1d Virtuous Ruler
  • 225eadd9b1a1f Virtuous Ruler (Tabard)
  • Bd1554bc9b1a21 Virtuous Ruler (Face)
  • 4639ccd89b1a23 Virtuous Ruler (Staff)
  • 3cf99fb89b1a25 Virtuous Ruler (Hair)
  • B3b96a189b1a27 Virtuous Ruler (Pauldrons)
  • C97939789b1a29 Virtuous Ruler (Bra)
  • 764987199b1a2b Virtuous Ruler (Gown)

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