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Twilight Siren spends most of her day in the blue-gray ocean depths. She's known among her people as a master coral crafter, weaving delicate creations with long, dexterous fingers. As the sun sets each evening, she loves to swim to the surface where she warms herself among the rocks and sings the sun to sleep.

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  • 6c28dffc990a39 Twilight Siren
  • 16e88c9c990a3b Twilight Siren (Mermaid Tail)
  • 2834f9f9990a41 Twilight Siren (Coral Coverings)
  • A7740c59990a43 Twilight Siren (Rose Colored Hair)
  • Ddb45f39990a45 Twilight Siren (Coarl Clip)
  • 7f81d1e0990a51 Twilight Siren (Singing Mouth)

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