Tsunberi Root (all positions except envelope)


"Tsunberi Root is a sleepy creature, peaceful until awoken, at which point they will emit a high-pitched shriek. They can only be appeased with a gift of cake."


  • 134a00059d71c7 Tsunberi Root
  • D26cf9119d71c9 Tsunberi Root (Root Braids)
  • A8acaa719d71cb Tsunberi Root (Grumpy Face)
  • 27ec5fd19d71cd Tsunberi Root (Mandrake Shriek)
  • 5d2c0cb19d71cf Tsunberi Root (EEK!!)
  • E21cb2d09d71d1 Tsunberi Root (Plant Panties)
  • 19302ab49d71d3 Tsunberi Root (Root Legs)
  • Cf28687f9c0731 November 2016 Collectible Envelope

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