Toadstool (all positions except default, skirt, and I am)


These cute purple Toadstool accessories prove that fungal infestations can be a good thing!


  • 590bd71f7639 Toadstool
  • 23cb847f763b Toadstool (On My Head)
  • 9cfb3a1e763d Toadstool (Puffy Pants)
  • 67d7a27a763f Toadstool (Puffy Skirt)
  • 925704ba7643 Toadstool (Toadstool Cap)
  • E89757da7645 Toadstool (Toadstool Boots)
  • 968110af7649 Toadstool (Toadstool Parasol)
  • Ec4143cf764b Toadstool (You are a Toadstool)
  • 57a7e9bb7647 Toadstool (Toadstool Field)


  • Several items in this set resemble Toad's costume from the Super Mario Bros. video games.

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