"Remnant of an age long past, the seed pulses with life and energy. What power have the ancients left behind? Only time will tell..."


  • B0faee566c11 Seed
  • 369c76166c9d Sprout
  • D00aaa6d6f85 Tree
  • D00aaa6d6f85 Fruit
  • 46d4530672c1 Staff
  • 895e94b672d1 Cape
  • D3483f007e41 Shield
  • 26c899c07e45 Blossom
  • 6ca1387f828b Helm
  • 49722d7eabc0 Twin Blade
  • C2f6dc81b063 Life-Giver Scepter
  • B8368fe1b065 Life-Giver Arms
  • 4db62921b061 Earth-Crafter Hammer
  • 7063180b067 Earth-Crafter Arms
  • 12db80adbc81 Gown Of Heavens
  • Adeb3eccbc83 Laurel Of Life
  • 1b0f07a3bc85 World Tree Petal
  • 944ff203bc8b Chains Of The Old
  • Ee8fa163bc89 Avatar Of Earth
  • 61cf54c3bc87 Crest Of Awakening


  • This item was granted by the Aquarium Overseer.

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