Description[edit | edit source]

Master and Caretaker of the books within the Enigma Institute.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 7201717b99acab.png The Bibliothecary
  • 8c1221b99acad.png The Bibliothecary (glasses)
  • 8781d7bb99acaf.png The Bibliothecary (quill)
  • Fd4184db99acb1.png The Bibliothecary (neck bow)
  • 42713aba99acb3.png The Bibliothecary (jacket)
  • F49503d599acb5.png The Bibliothecary (top)
  • 8e5550b599acb7.png The Bibliothecary (corset)
  • 12bcab0999acd1.png The Bibliothecary (skirt)
  • E990336d99acd3.png The Bibliothecary (shoes)
  • 9350600d99acd5.png The Bibliothecary (hair)

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