TM (Time Piece) (all positions except wings)

Description[edit | edit source]

Deep in Gaia's past, a society of steam and clockwork practiced a blend of magic and machining that has long since been lost to the ages - or has it? Gaian archeologists recently stumbled upon the pinnacle of their art: a Time Machine capable of transporting the wonders of the past to our own time. They have recovered many treasures: clockwork garments, copper wings and fantastical chronographs.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • A23bf8023f51.png TM (Time Piece)
  • 591760663f53.png TM (Top Hat)
  • 23d733063f55.png TM (Corset)
  • Ac97c6a63f57.png TM (Gear Skirt)
  • D65795c63f59.png TM (Boots)
  • 69672ba73f5b.png TM (Wings Out)
  • Df8312c83f5d.png TM (Wings Down)

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