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Sunset Spirit (all positions)


An elusive deity of the forest. If you wander through the wood at day's end, you might catch a glimpse of glittering silver and rose-colored hair, or hear the graceful whisper of fawn's hooves rushing through fallen leaves. Through the centuries she's been hunted for her flowering antlers, but few have even managed to spy her shadow in the setting sunlight.


  • 8b11c6c298a08b.png Sunset Spirit
  • B5cdb3a798a085.png Sunset Spirit (Luscious Locks)
  • F1d195a298a08d.png Sunset Spirit (Bejeweled Bodice)
  • 703d5ea698a089.png Sunset Spirit (Bejeweled Skirt)
  • Cf0de0c798a087.png Sunset Spirit (Fawn Legs)
  • 7e91600298a08f.png Sunset Spirit (Speckled Skin)

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