Sunset Siren (all positions)


Sunset Siren spends most of her day in the blue-gray ocean depths. She's known among her people as a master coral crafter, weaving delicate creations with long, dexterous fingers. As the sun sets each evening, she loves to swim to the surface where she warms herself among the rocks and sings the sun to sleep.


  • 27dbab7a98c67f Sunset Siren
  • 98eb151b98c681 Sunset Siren (Mermaid Tail)
  • 63c78d7f98c683 Sunset Siren (Coral Coverings)
  • 1907de1f98c685 Sunset Siren (Golden Hair)
  • 96472bbf98c687 Sunset Siren (Coarl Clip)
  • Ec8778df98c689 Sunset Siren (Singing Mouth)

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