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Those who are selfless and giving are often mistaken for angels -- the halo is the true mark of this angelic race.


  • A95ad1dc9a5631.png Starlight Angelic Halo

Related Items[]

  • 8a4ead8f9c79d5.png (~Sassy~) Melty Crystal Angelic Halo
  • 166a6fbd9a562f.png Amethyst Angelic Halo
  • 220d907599470f.png Angelic Cape Amethyst Halo
  • 98d6c38c99359b.png Angelic Crystalline Frost Halo
  • 9d3d2e1499470d.png Angelic Garnet Rose Halo
  • 1404.png Angelic Halo
  • E21690ec99359d.png Angelic Moonstone Halo
  • 5661fdb1994703.png Angelic Quartz Halo
  • 8396b3139946d3.png Angelic Sapphire Halo
  • E95143d0994705.png Angelic Tanzanite Halo
  • 63fa5be8993599.png Angelic Tourmaline Halo
  • C828897d9a54cf.png Astherie Halo
  • Bfbd9a899a5627.png Citrine Angelic Halo
  • 4ba51d859a60b1.png Cosmic Angelic Halo
  • 6d56654c99359f.png Crimson Blood Halo
  • 9ffb3dee9e0ce7.png Crimson Halo
  • 8d3923dc9a05f1.png Divided Checkered Angelic Halo
  • 6caa3cdd9a562d.png Emerald Angelic Halo
  • 373ab2069c3115.png Galaxy Halo
  • Db09599f9fe09e.png Glowing Angelic Halo
  • 46d349989cbd75.png Infinite Angelic Halo
  • E38601679c6369.png Intergalactic Halo
  • 8fcdd1489a561f.png Jade Angelic Halo
  • Ace41b3e9a8bd1.png King IV Anti Halo
  • 142276649a8fb1.png Loli Pop Halo
  • F08efeef9c79d7.png Michael's Demonic Halo
  • 992a9a1d9a5629.png Obsidian Angelic Halo
  • E3eac97d9a562b.png Onyx Angelic Halo
  • 64d7a58a9e0ce5.png Onyx Halo
  • 74e1492c9a561d.png Peridot Angelic Halo
  • F50d82289a5621.png Pure Angelic Halo
  • 79ac10ba994335.png Pure White Angelic Halo
  • 8d24e89a5625.png Rhinestone Angelic Halo
  • 1694fbdd9ad2eb.png Sacred Angelic Halo
  • Dccae589993597.png Sinful Onyx Halo
  • Eb507c2599a523.png Super Angelic Halo
  • 7a4d77889a5623.png Topaz Angelic Halo
  • Eb507c2599a523.png Ultimate Angelic Halo
  • F14e8d7a9a1b7f.png Vivid Rainbow Angelic Halo
  • B5b792839c0fa4.png Visio's Halo

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