Sprightly Tree Fae (all positions except envelope)


"Sometimes a fairy's curiosity can get the best of her. Venturing out into the human world, she sought to uncover it's wonder's, and came across a boy who was just as curious about her world as she was about his. befriending him, the pair decided to explore their worlds together."


  • Ba3a79b49c45d5 Sprightly Tree Fae
  • Cec285089c45e3 Sprightly Tree Fae (arms)
  • C0fa2ad49c45d3 Sprightly Tree Fae (Hair)
  • 7166aa119c45cb Sprightly Tree Fae (face)
  • 357a8c149c45d7 Sprightly Tree Fae (Stockings)
  • 3b4223c89c45df Sprightly Tree Fae (wings)
  • 8adea30d9c45e7 Sprightly Tree Fae (Tree Branches)
  • 148fbe539c4cdf February 2016 Collectible Envelope

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  • This item references Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

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