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She dances in the shadows, spreading the chill.

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  • A62798089a31fb Spectral Glaze
  • 8b52e3719a31fd Spectral Glaze (Frost Tipped Hair)
  • F192b0119a31ff Spectral Glaze (Frost Eyes)
  • 7ed245b19a3201 Spectral Glaze (Frost Tipped Ears)
  • 41216d19a3203 Spectral Glaze (Ice Lock)
  • Bb22a8b09a3205 Spectral Glaze (Arm Chains)
  • 400e30d49a3207 Spectral Glaze (Ice Dress)
  • 3ace63b49a3209 Spectral Glaze (Leg Chains)

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