The garb of the Snow Witch betrays the cold heart of its creator. Equally comfortable in jeweled finery and antlered battle cloaks, the Snow Witch was both elegant and icy. Looking pure as driven snow, she lured her suitors into her frozen lair with the promise of warmth, but captured them forever in her vault of permafrost. This set includes her gorgeous furs, regal cape, frozen crown and more.


  • 1d0b46633f4f Snow Witch
  • B4dcb3573f47 Snow Witch (Sorceress Gloves)
  • 924bb3c33f49 Snow Witch (Jeweled Shoulder Muffler)
  • Bec0d363f45 Snow Witch (Frozen Crown)
  • E88be0a33f4b Snow Witch (Horned Battle Cloak)
  • 67cb15033f4d Snow Witch (Hooded Horned Battle Cloak)

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