There was once a peaceful ninja village where ninjas grazed happily, darting to and fro in the surrounding lush bamboo forests, as ninjas are prone to do when undisturbed in nature. Among these ninja, Raiden and Raika, a pair of twins were the most prized students. One day a dark warrior swept through town and changed their lives forever.


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  • Aecb4fcdba9f Shadowlegend
  • D40b1cadbaa1 Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Village)
  • 6b3ba2ccbaa3 Shadowlegend (Raiden Kun)
  • Aa1d5bd8baa5 Shadowlegend (Raika Chan)
  • D0dd08b8baa7 Shadowlegend (Master Tenkai)
  • 5f9dfd18baa9 Shadowlegend (Dark Warrior)
  • C2a1c9b1be99 Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Village Destroyed)
  • 4de13c11be9b Shadowlegend (Hakai Jutsu)
  • 37216f71be9d Shadowlegend (Firestorm)
  • 8811d110be9f Shadowlegend (Mortal Wounds)
  • 6926bbf0bea1 Shadowlegend (Tenkaze's Broken Sword)
  • A0a485b1c113 Shadowlegend (Burial)
  • 1f943bd0c115 Shadowlegend (Raiden Meditation)
  • E4b8a3b4c117 Shadowlegend (Raika Kimono)
  • 9e78f0d4c119 Shadowlegend (Spirits of the Fallen)
  • 11380574c11b Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Shadowblade)
  • 3b4d1e9dc647 Shadowlegend (Crossroads)
  • 8da927f2c649 Shadowlegend (Shrine)
  • F7697492c64b Shadowlegend (Bones)
  • 78298132c64d Shadowlegend (Death)
  • Bdd96c33c651 Shadowlegend (monk robes)
  • 46f5f457c653 Shadowlegend (monk robes bottom)
  • 3c35a737c655 Shadowlegend (monk shoes)
  • C9b501f7c659 Shadowlegend (monk gloves)
  • 59dcc3e5c96f Shadowlegend (wild guy)
  • 1dc0e5e0c973 Shadowlegend (blind master cover)
  • 6700b680c975 Shadowlegend (Stones)
  • E8404320c977 Shadowlegend (Blind master's walking stick)
  • 92801040c979 Shadowlegend (Blind master's shroud)
  • 2db0ae21c97b Shadowlegend (Blind master's pants)
  • Ec965735c97d Shadowlegend (wild guy hair)
  • 403e3fc1cec9 Shadowlegend (wandering fist top)
  • Ff0e81a0cecb Shadowlegend (ninjette top)
  • D27bfad9cecd Shadowlegend (wandering fist bottom)
  • A8bba9b9cecf Shadowlegend (wandering fist hair)
  • 27fb5c19ced1 Shadowlegend (wandering fist beard)
  • 5d3b0f79ced3 Shadowlegend (ninjette shoes)
  • E20bb118ced5 Shadowlegend (ninjette belt)
  • 1927297cced7 Shadowlegend (wandering fist belt)
  • 63e77a1cced9 Shadowlegend (wandering fist charge up)
  • 8c943f5fd2b1 Shadowlegend (The Dragon Hair)
  • 33a4813ed2b3 Shadowlegend (restraint mask)
  • 1ed1fa47d2b5 Shadowlegend (restraint top)
  • 6411a927d2b7 Shadowlegend (The Dragon mouth)
  • Eb515c87d2b9 Shadowlegend (restraint bottom)
  • 91910fe7d2bb Shadowlegend (katar)
  • 2ea1b186d2bd Shadowlegend (restraint boots)
  • D58d29e2d2bf Shadowlegend (The Dragon eyes)
  • Af4d7a82d2c1 Shadowlegend (The Dragon body)
  • 200d8f22d2c3 Shadowlegend (The Dragon dark body)
  • 64114807d76b Shadowlegend (Saul Badman's Sword)
  • Db21f666d76d Shadowlegend (Saul Badman's Pants)
  • 200d6e02d76f Shadowlegend (Saul Badman's Visor)
  • 5acd3d62d771 Shadowlegend (Saul Badman's Shoes)
  • D58dc8c2d773 Shadowlegend (Ditzy Wings)
  • Af4d9ba2d775 Shadowlegend (Ditzy's Top)
  • 107d25c3d777 Shadowlegend (Ditzy's Stockings)
  • A6991cacd779 Shadowlegend (Saul Badman's top)
  • Dc594fccd77b Shadowlegend (Ditzy's Underwear)
  • B65dfdf8d9cb Shadowlegend (Catgirl's Hood)
  • Bf897af6d9d3 Shadowlegend (Catgirl's Dress)
  • Cf330327d9ed Shadowlegend (Catgirl's Paws)
  • 190c9bacda19 Shadowlegend (Catgirl's Boots)
  • 957652cbda99 Shadowlegend (Iron Oni Mask)
  • A506190adaa1 Shadowlegend (Iron Oni Bracers)
  • 24ead20edaa5 Shadowlegend (Iron Oni Greaves)
  • D16a74cedaa9 Shadowlegend (Iron Oni's Tattered Scarf)
  • Af7c33bbdaad Shadowlegend (Iron Oni Pants)
  • C74e0dfcde1f Shadowlegend (armored ninja golem)
  • 480ef85cde21 Shadowlegend (armored ninja golem pants)
  • 32ceab3cde23 Shadowlegend (shadowtech helmet)
  • F9927899de2d Shadowlegend (shadowtech top)
  • Fde1e3c2e431 Shadowlegend (warblade)
  • 42d15da3e433 Shadowlegend (shuriken)
  • F43564cce435 Shadowlegend (sai)
  • 8ef537ace437 Shadowlegend (scythe)
  • 1b5c20ce439 Shadowlegend (kunai)
  • 7b75916ce43b Shadowlegend (chain)
  • C4452f0de43d Shadowlegend (Wakizashi)
  • 6c9e1a1de4a7 Shadowlegend (warblade equip)
  • 165e497de4a9 Shadowlegend (shuriken equip)
  • A96ef71ce4ab Shadowlegend (sai equip)
  • 841b8c65e4ad Shadowlegend (scythe equip)
  • Fedbdf05e4af Shadowlegend (kunai equip)
  • 719b2aa5e4b1 Shadowlegend (chain equip)
  • B5b79c5e4b3 Shadowlegend (Wakizashi equip)

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