Seraphic Fox (all positions except letter)


A fabled creature of great power, the Seraphic Fox enchanted the creatures of her forest to both hide and protect her from hunters who seek to capture her for their own gain.


  • Ef4dad3d9acec1 Seraphic Fox
  • Ab518b389aceb9 Seraphic Fox (ears)
  • 6ea166399acebd Seraphic Fox (Hair)
  • 1acd0bfd9acec5 Seraphic Fox (Face)
  • 24117e989aceb7 Seraphic Fox (coat)
  • 600d589d9acec3 Seraphic Fox (Stockings)
  • D191d8589acebb Seraphic Fox (Tail)
  • Efe40bf29a4b65 April 2015 Collectible Envelope

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