Ruby Pendant (all positions except Mineral Staff)


"During Gaia's prehistoric period, huge earthquakes crushed countless creatures within the planet's surface. The torrent of blood squeezed out of them formed underground lakes, which, as any geologist can tell you, were compacted by heat and pressure into these precious stones-- useful for ornamental, scientific and stabbing purposes."


  • 5de0159df509 Ruby Pendant
  • 347ba20ff5c5 Ruby Pendant (Ruby Eye)
  • A6cc8df9f50b Ruby Pendant (Cast Armlets)
  • 8b4b1c6ef5c7 Ruby Pendant (Mystic Orb)
  • 64b633bcf5e3 Ruby Pendant (Jewel Katar)
  • E2d0abfcf507 Ruby Pendant (Mineral Staff)

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