"Gaia's beloved stone mascot, a petrified scamp who loves to play and romp and throw his ponderous weight around. Though his origins are mysterious and his purpose is unclear, his goofy, bulky sweetness has won him thousands of friends and admirers over the years."


  • E01ccd355115 Rock Puppy
  • 5f2c73545117 Rock Puppy (Gold Sink)
  • E9c84a3b5119 Rock Puppy (Leap of Love)
  • 9308195b511b Rock Puppy (Beg)
  • 2266737051b9 Rock Puppy (Hard Hat)
  • 58a6201051bb Rock Puppy (LOL Hard Hat)
  • D7e6d5b051bd Rock Puppy (Visor Helm)
  • Ad2686d051bf Rock Puppy (Coprolite on my Head)
  • 121638b151c1 Rock Puppy (Coprolite)


  • The Rock Puppy was a small animated image on Gaia's original home page, and the unofficial mascot for the site.

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