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Mathilde is an orphan girl who grew up being told her parents were dead. One day a gruesome letter from a Mr. Jackdaw arrives on her doorstep luring her to learn the truth at the mysterious Ravenwood Manor.


  • B4857b1313221.png Ravenwood Manor
  • 4fa9e37713223.png Ravenwood Manor (Mister Jackdaw's letter)
  • 3569b01713225.png Ravenwood Manor (Family graveyard)
  • 6c27752513253.png Ravenwood Foyer (Family portrait)
  • Dac34c4a13255.png Ravenwood Foyer (Crumbling, dank interior)
  • Cd28c73b132c5.png Ravenwood Study (Papa's clawed monocle)
  • 4268329b132c7.png Ravenwood Study (Papa's smoking jacket)
  • A8db580013369.png Ravenwood Parlor (Mama's threadbare over-dress)
  • A6e3f7dc1336d.png Ravenwood Parlor (Mama don't look behind you!!)
  • 207785721338b.png Ravenwood Hallway (Scary long hallway)
  • 5ab7d6121338d.png Ravenwood Hallway (Decaying into dust)
  • 1341720b137bf.png Ravenwood Bedroom (Young girl's dress)
  • 17ebe6611336b.png Ravenwood Bedroom (Bloody messages)
  • F210637d137e5.png Ravenwood Ballroom (Possessed soul)
  • 7d5096dd137e3.png Ravenwood Ballroom (Raven feast)
  • 790c5bd137e1.png Ravenwood Ballroom (Mama & Papa's fate)
  • 37e08e7c137e9.png Ravenwood Ballroom (Jackdaw's/Mephiste's loving gaze)
  • Cccc1618137eb.png Ravenwood Ballroom (Jackdaw's/Mephiste's raven cape)
  • 88d0301d137e7.png Ravenwood Ballroom (Jackdaw's/Mephiste's hair)

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