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Give this colorful chance item a try to get a brand new user-designed masterpiece, or even a Project Rainbow Ticket that can be used to create one yourself!



The following items are new with Rainbows Everywhere 7:

  • 81c05a7f9eba79.png Dr's HealingBand
  • 2b5182439eca53.png Enchanted Daughter of the Woods
  • A2fbea9ebe4d.png End of the Scarf
  • F3d83ea59eb60b.png Frit's Stolen Heartbeat
  • 1d7e02dc9eb7cd.png Frozen Titania
  • E6bc3389eae6f.png Fumino's Covenant
  • 49a6c58d9eb58b.png Great Pokeheart Headphones
  • 939759369ed4c3.png Heartbeat Mage
  • 44537769eb439.png Heavenly Flight of the Dragon Warrior
  • B19b32de9eb4b5.png Her Crowned Locks
  • 841a8e4e9ebb5d.png Inevitable Fate
  • 218e00239ebd3b.png Lord Arrion's OMG
  • C3d7f86b9ead5f.png Northern Crystal Caves
  • 4b537b999eb699.png Pair of Garish Ears
  • Ec97258e9ed163.png Perfect Heartbeat
  • 438b4c239eb9ed.png SDPlus Gaian Coralback Sp0nges
  • 318ddd5a9eda17.png SDPlus Gaian Demure ADiTaMi
  • Fd0b8d0e9ead59.png SDPlus Gaian Devilback Sp0nges
  • 8dce09409ebb69.png SDPlus Gaian Pure fires22~
  • 59ddb15e9ed155.png SDPlus Magical Escaflowdra
  • 60b965199eaf5d.png Shimmering Breksta
  • 19b29db09ebd87.png Silver the Thylacine
  • B1e7c2319eba11.png Spring Inevitable Demise
  • 663ff6799eb0eb.png Sweet Sugary Idol Arielle
  • 6c45dcc89eb0f7.png Vernal Daughter of the Woods

In addition to the above, the following were available as rare grants:

  • A9c6c75e992dad.png Project Rainbow Ticket

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