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Give this colorful chance item a try to get a brand new user-designed masterpiece, or even a Project Rainbow Ticket or Project Double Rainbow Ticket, which can be used to create one yourself!



The following items are new with Rainbows Everywhere 6:

  • A01d80979ea231.png Angel's Enchanting Secret
  • 986c35629ea857.png Angel's Fast Response Armor
  • 8b51aa069ea7e1.png Atrocious Capricorn
  • 11242199ea049.png Baby Blue Seal Slippers
  • 242bef329e9f4b.png Baby Sinn Jam
  • Be6fd41e9e9a51.png Bestest-est Rival
  • 3cf40bbb9ea00d.png Blueberry Mudslide
  • 805f7709ea3b1.png Bronzed Mask of the Kitsune
  • 3319adcd9ea7c9.png Cleric's Spirit
  • A06170789e9ced.png Drab Head Band
  • 88b22fdf9ea167.png Falling Down The Rabbit Hole
  • 753307bb9e9a47.png Fiery Prince
  • 3f831f1a9e9a4d.png Fumino's Glory
  • 9ca05339e9fcb.png houjun-san mahou pokekaiju ariaform melodies
  • 4c896289e9fa5.png Jane's Sootberry Accessories
  • 247c4c2d9ea461.png SDPlus Darling Escaflowdra
  • 9cba21779ea851.png SDPlus Gaian Blissful Serafiella
  • B34614f59ea0bd.png Sirena's Song
  • 7bad2a599ebcbb.png Strawberry and champagne katana
  • 839316c59ea391.png Swim Team Nipper
  • 4634284b9ea265.png Taruzen's Honor Band
  • 2ad072899ea467.png These Classic Locks
  • E2b6ed7b9e9e61.png Whimsical Spirit

In addition to the above, the following were available as rare grants:

  • A9c6c75e992dad.png Project Rainbow Ticket
  • 115d6c0a995059.png Project Double Rainbow Ticket

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