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Give this colorful chance item a try to get a brand new user-designed masterpiece, or even a Project Rainbow Ticket that can be used to create one yourself!



The following items are new with Rainbows Everywhere 5:

  • D96b3429e87a1.png Confectionery Baeby
  • 870c92d39e88af.png Cunning Leporidae
  • 36c3e84c9e94ff.png Decorous Laurels
  • Cd4a49499e926f.png GC Ruby Ninja Waistband
  • 3faca3809e6ee1.png Jane's Favourite Sootberry Things
  • Dda1d2389e8523.png King IV Anti Demon Horns
  • 3008534a9e96bb.png Messenger Frightbat
  • 8b88f2389e8dad.png Momo's Strawberry and champagne Headband
  • 636f610c9e6f9f.png Nephilim Spirit
  • F1ba3b269e96db.png Path of Europa
  • 904679869e8f43.png Pikaheart Headphones
  • Ae9a0ce39e8f51.png Raspberry Konpeito
  • 282174f89e8527.png SDPlus Final Boss: Molten Fury Dagr
  • 523c56739e9a01.png SDPlus Gaian Enchanted Serafiella
  • 22cb62b9e84f7.png SDPlus Gaian Heartbeat ADiTaMi
  • 63fffe3e9e971b.png SDPlus Gaian Sinful Master Jew
  • F89c26569e8db3.png SDPlus Heartbeat Guardian Drakes
  • 47b23a9b9e8855.png SupremeKAGE
  • B45c1e3c9e84d7.png The Ringmaster's Forest
  • 70c2615a9e96d1.png Ultra Cybernetic Legionary
  • 4c186acb9e5e67.png V is for Heart-Friendly Vegetables
  • 3f0cbea59e5e6d.png V is for VVild Vegetables
  • Cb583bc19e90fd.png Villainous Brier
  • 3708434a9e883b.png Vivacious n' Vain
  • 4726abe39e879b.png Zombabis

In addition to the above, 5 of the following were available as rare grants:

  • A9c6c75e992dad.png Project Rainbow Ticket

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