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Give this colorful chance item a try to get a brand new user-designed masterpiece, or even a Project Rainbow Ticket that can be used to create one yourself!



The following items are new with Rainbows Everywhere 4:

  • De2199839e58a5.png Acidia's Wings
  • 882251cd9e666f.png Blind Fool
  • 3b604c7c9e6b39.png Butterscotch AiMate
  • Fe579d509e8f1f.png Coelle's Love
  • F27693d59e6663.png Deaf Fool
  • Fcdaad719e6655.png Dusk Stag
  • 80e07cbe9e74e5.png Dyed Pale hare
  • 57af35de9e6693.png Heaven Help My Cute Wallet
  • D8efc07e9e668d.png Heaven Help My Empty Wallet
  • Fd9f3be99e94f5.png houjun-san locoloco pokekaiju redondo burbujas
  • 1ee6c2ff9e7793.png Mute Fool
  • 86f2ef169e69c7.png SDPlus Amazing Gaians Pomshu & DNA Polymerase
  • 9c04ee6e9e564f.png SDPlus Gaian ADiTaMi Sunset
  • 90d8f319e8311.png SDPlus Gaian Awkward Spirit Box
  • 327789859e6dc3.png SDPlus Gaian Breezy Misha CoIIins
  • Fd6dd1079e945f.png SDPlus Gaian Diurnal Naturalist
  • 1504b9129e771b.png SDPlus Gaian Nocturnal Naturalist
  • 2574f2d39e7713.png SDPlus Gaian Willful Naturalist
  • 81bf615f9e9ac1.png SDPlus Melty DNA Polymerase
  • 80a9bbb29e98e9.png Sea Dreams Idol Ambellina
  • B3cc702e9e75ff.png Silver Mist
  • Af37fbec9e6a07.png Sweet Cafe
  • 8215c2aa9e73d7.png Sweet Primrose
  • Ab40d8d29e8e3d.png watermelon’s naginata
  • Bc8000539e8dbf.png Willebus Sunrise Katana

In addition to the above, the following was available as a rare grant:

  • A9c6c75e992dad.png Project Rainbow Ticket

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