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Give this colorful chance item a try to get a brand new user-designed masterpiece, or even a Project Rainbow Ticket that can be used to create one yourself!



The following items are new with Rainbows Everywhere 3:

  • 6f5599f19e47d3.png Assertive Studious Librarian
  • 1cb336c19e5419.png Beloved Headphones
  • 850e034d9e4d21.png Bubbly Princess Idol Ashori
  • 80e59e459e4659.png Canterbury Pardoner
  • 9dcb1c2d9e5269.png Crimson Konpeito
  • 279e55d59e45a3.png CRowns Angelic AlaaPhones
  • 686e4fe9e75e9.png Evil Untoten Gegner
  • Bf90f3459e4d9f.png Fallen Superior Ninja Band
  • Fcf0a41f9e399d.png Hellinity Halo
  • 2d5b5ccc9e515b.png houjun-san machupichu pokekaiju smol kunehos
  • F71667979e5847.png Kaiyōhime's Garden
  • C2da62d19e428f.png Kya's Sci-Fighter
  • 6d4c1f379e3971.png Literate Spectral Fawn
  • C3f8f2de9e649b.png Noelle the Breezy Cerberus
  • E68974489e4363.png Precious Dogs
  • 4b8874499e5829.png Revenant of the Independent Sea
  • 334fe2639e45c9.png Rilaxed kkuma
  • 8aab1f369e6d25.png SDPlus #556 George the Seabean Alicorn
  • F741c4889e4c2d.png SDPlus Gaian Breezy Serafiella
  • 2a9924359e74a9.png SDPlus Gaian Dark AlaaOwns
  • D9397069e45c3.png SDPlus Gaian Deadly AlaaOwns
  • B6b60f159e429b.png SDPlus Gaian Heaven eur
  • Fa56be59e4653.png SDPlus Gaian Unbearable Escaflowdra
  • 3726446e9e3f85.png SDPlus Sir Dreki
  • 503ec7ed9e394f.png Seaside Handmaiden of Aurelian
  • 8ca6958c9e3e6d.png Sensibow
  • 769ca7959e4f21.png Sleepytime Showoff Pajamas
  • 2fc808fe9e3d5f.png Toxic Amulet
  • 9cec1e499e3ffb.png Trapeezy Breezy
  • Dd62b7509e71df.png Valiska’s Antediluvian Astrolabe

In addition to the above, 3 of the following were available as a rare grant:

  • A9c6c75e992dad.png Project Rainbow Ticket

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