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Give this colorful chance item a try to get a brand new user-designed masterpiece, or even a Project Rainbow Ticket that can be used to create one yourself!



The following items are new with Rainbows Everywhere 2:

  • 3d9fcd089e5613.png Blackbeary Bash
  • 33df7d519e1e49.png Bubbly Dragon Trio
  • E31af6c59e2441.png CRowns PINK GODFATHER Phones
  • 442c65a39e1bff.png Dusk Lit Breksta
  • 8b977a9a9e1e61.png Fallen Astheire Laurels
  • 83bd46ee9e31ff.png Glacial Warrior's Spirit
  • Bc9f88f19e1e4f.png Glasyr
  • E960dc749e244d.png Handmaiden of Hercynian Forest
  • 2c4d67019e4de3.png Heaven Orinkage
  • 45d0bb9c9e0cfd.png Holy Clyoog Band
  • 531ec67c9e295d.png Honeydew's Heavenly Flight
  • 8d46db559e277b.png Not So Good Fox
  • 1cd5fb789e5e35.png Omg So Breezy
  • 3713031d9e2fb7.png Papillon de la mer
  • 733af3db9e5187.png SDPlus Gaian Breezy DNA Polymerase
  • 93ba74fd9e1fd1.png SDPlus Gaian BreezyBae Fallen Porno
  • 6d95f1269e1889.png SDPlus Gaian Demure Fallen Porno
  • E2fe57769e18b1.png SDPlus Gaian Golden Fallen Porno
  • 43ebffa19e2fb1.png SDPlus Gaian Golden rypntlk
  • Fe2a810e9e5311.png SDPlus Gaian misha coIIins (ii pariah ii's possession)
  • E53b6e8e9e0ce9.png SDPlus Gaian Ravenous Quartzi
  • Dc5e33dc9e2957.png SDPlus Gaian Seabreeze o iAfro x
  • 686476e79e19bf.png SDPlus Toxic World Boss Anon
  • 4e67979b9e1e65.png Supreme Crimson Laurels
  • F68a38819e308d.png Tiana's Throne
  • 8044cce9e5e5b.png V is for Royal Vegetables
  • 42b4546f9e5e61.png V is for Rozenhiem's Vegetables
  • 364cffdc9e3d6b.png Warzane's Katana
  • 150555a39e211d.png Winter Underland

In addition to the above, the following was available as a rare grant:

  • A9c6c75e992dad.png Project Rainbow Ticket

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