Quenched by War (all positions except envelope)

Description[edit | edit source]

"Legend has it, that the Ancient Katana was forged for the first Samurai King. Given its history, even after ages of war, the sword is still a symbol of power, for those who possess it."

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • Bd9ca9b19ce69f.png Quenched by War
  • 35a4e5bb9ce6b7.png Quenched by War (Hair)
  • 102ba6f9ce6bd.png Quenched by War (face)
  • 481c0f719ce69b.png Quenched by War (Kimono)
  • 8e424fcf9ce6bb.png Quenched by War (Belt)
  • 7f14fd1a9ce6b1.png Quenched by War (Pants)
  • C4f2576e9ce6c1.png Quenched by War (Samurai's Honor)
  • Bb4405bb9c0729.png July 2016 Collectible Envelope

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