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A buzzing collection of bee-themed items and accessories, perfect for your transformation into that girl from the Blind Melon video.

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  • 4a7bf1ad887b Queen Bee
  • 2312acd1888d Queen Bee (royal tiara)
  • 670e8ad4887d Queen Bee (hat)
  • 1dced9b4887f Queen Bee (beehive wig)
  • 928e2c148881 Queen Bee (hair pin)
  • E84e7f748883 Queen Bee (arm warmers)
  • 577ec1158885 Queen Bee (leg warmers)
  • Ac5259718887 Queen Bee (dress)
  • D6920a118889 Queen Bee (wings)
  • 59d2ffb1888b Queen Bee (stinger)
  • 9c2212b0888f Queen Bee (buzzing subjects)
  • 2ac62bdf8891 Queen Bee (honeycomb)

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