Queen's Vengeance (all positions)


"Her vanity was at the very center of her madness, as the Queen was rumored to decapitate any woman said to be more beautiful than her. In a final act of smug vengeance, she watered her pristine white roses with the blood of these poor women..."

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This item references the Queen of Hearts and/or the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll's books Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.


  • 3fbb6c5b98d15d Queen's Vengeance
  • 808bd23a98d15b Queen's Vengeance (Red-tipped hair)
  • Be57a75f98d161 Queen's Vengeance (Bustier with hoopskirt)
  • C497f43f98d15f Queen's Vengeance (Bustle)
  • 311752ff98d163 Queen's Vengeance (Wedge heel shoes)
  • 1dadab5598d2b1 Queen's Vengeance (Deadlt Stare)

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