Purest Ice (all positions except cape and envelope)


To her, nothing is more beautiful than a world frozen in snow and ice. If only her reign could last forever, she'd make the whole world her very own winter wonderland.


  • 98132af79c0321 Purest Ice
  • Af1bd89c9c0333 Purest Ice (Hair)
  • 91c7adf99c0325 Purest Ice (Eyes)
  • E2d379979c031f Purest Ice (cape)
  • Eb07fe999c0327 Purest Ice (gown)
  • 272394969c0323 Purest Ice (Stockings)
  • 77ee05259c0341 Purest Ice (Throne)
  • Dfbd51199a86e5 December 2015 Collectible Envelope

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