Professor Merlin (all positions except envelope)


"Every thousand years, a wizard is born who is chosen by the eye of Merlin to carry the title, ensuring that the art of wizardry is protected for those born with the gift, and that its principles are kept among them. Having served his term, It's time for professor Merlin to pass the torch to the student who shows the most potential."


  • 358cbe2d9b3397 Professor Merlin
  • Fed06d889b33a1 Professor Merlin (hair)
  • 84103ee89b339f Professor Merlin (Face)
  • 56864949b33a9 Professor Merlin Coat)
  • B50cb489b339d Professor Merlin (Desk)
  • 719098289b339b Professor Merlin (Pants)
  • C7e0303f9b33bb Professor Merlin (Office)
  • 14e182bc9a86db July 2015 Collectible Envelope

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