Pride of Hera (all positions except shoulder perch)


"The peacock is nature's most boastful bird. Next time you see one fluffing up its tail at you, remember to act really impressed or you might hurt its feelings."


  • 52f3b63b93c7 Pride of Hera
  • 4cccba44941b Pride of Hera (Plumed Goddess Headdress)
  • A9df2e5f93c5 Pride of Hera (Goddess Collar)
  • 16ef903e93c3 Pride of Hera (Gown of Plumes)
  • 360ce924941d Pride of Hera (Plumed Goddess Gloves)
  • 7f86cd4293d9 Pride of Hera (Plumed Peacock Cape)
  • B94c1c849417 Pride of Hera (Prized Peacock - Shoulder Perch)
  • C38c4fe49419 Pride of Hera (Prized Peacock)
  • 45183d4a9423 Pride of Hera (Glorious Plumed Tail)

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