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My ruined heart grows ever fonder, Ísa, Ísa, where have you gone, I am lonely where I wander, Ísa, Ísa, rise with the sun.


  • 7157043498a643.png Polar Tear
  • Fe17f19498a641.png Polar Tear (Apron & Tools)
  • B97575498a645.png Polar Tear (Polar Twilight)
  • 87ed9e3398a6c5.png Polar Tear (Lamb's Wool Sweater)
  • Fd2dcd5398a6c7.png Polar Tear (Portrait of Ísa)
  • A2d4331898a6ff.png Polar Tear (Glacial Crystal Skin)
  • 2d94c6b898a701.png Polar Tear (Glacial Crystal Braided Bun)
  • 1e89623198a7fb.png Polar Tear (Glacial Visage)
  • 7d0e848498a863.png Polar Tear (Ísthur's Crystal Gown)
  • Bc287d9098a865.png Polar Tear (Ísthur's Melting Tresses)
  • 51e3aea198a881.png Polar Tear (Pétur's Wool Scarf)
  • Eed310c098a87f.png Polar Tear (Pétur's Shearling Boots)
  • 941343a098a87d.png Polar Tear (Pétur's Snow-dusted Hair)
  • 51773fd998a92f.png Polar Tear (Discarded Dress)
  • De37ca7998a931.png Polar Tear (Starlight Locks)
  • A4f7991998a933.png Polar Tear (Encrusted with Crystal)
  • 1bc7277898a935.png Polar Tear (Shooting Star)
  • E0ebbf1c98a937.png Polar Tear (Polar Dawn)

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  • A5672c279f2031.png Charming Starlight Locks
  • 2d5f602d9f2021.png Elegant Starlight Locks
  • 101a68e99a389b.png Frozen Polar Tear
  • A50321fc9a6273.png Glacial Polar Tear
  • 3692d15e9a0e5d.png Icy Polar Tear
  • 7aea48349f2011.png Pétur's Charming Curl
  • C2a24fff9f2001.png Pétur's Elegant Curl
  • E200c3169dac99.png Winter Polar Tear
  • 817d6f289bdc7f.png Wishful Polar Tear

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