Platinum Prince (all positions except envelope)


"A young and wealthy prince with a love for performance art, could care less for anything but his own interest, even as his people wallow in poverty...but he may just be in for the show of his life, when the Diamond Dancer enters his court."


  • 7de6a4029b2163 Platinum Prince
  • 9591d8949b2213 Platinum Prince (hair)
  • 433ad1679b2169 Platinum Prince (Face)
  • 39fa82079b2167 Platinum Prince (Royal Lapel)
  • Ef2706c9b2155 Platinum Prince (Drink)
  • 726f7629b2161 Platinum Prince (Pants)
  • C2d61a639b2165 Platinum Prince (Throne)
  • 6e21d1dc9a86d9 June 2015 Collectible Envelope

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