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An ominous beginning, a tragic past... these would shape her determination to complete dangerous quests, gain epic loot, master new skills and become a champion gunner.


  • D940d90ad929 Pistolera
  • 56002caad92b Pistolera (Inventory Bag)
  • 2cc07fcad92d Pistolera (C-Class Gun)
  • 93f0c1abd92f Pistolera (Quest Available)
  • B567c13fd931 Pistolera (Collect Boar Teeth)
  • Cfa7925fd933 Pistolera (+25 XP!)
  • 40e767ffd935 Pistolera (Quest Reward 1: Jerkin)
  • 3a27349fd937 Pistolera (Quest Reward 2: Leggings)
  • 85178afed939 Pistolera (Random Chest)
  • 7e3b129ad93b Pistolera (The chest was a LIE!)
  • 4fb41fad93d Pistolera (Quest Reward 3: Shoulder Guard)
  • 826f3354d947 Pistolera (Quest Reward 4: Boots)
  • F17be73ad941 Pistolera (Level Up: A-Class Pistol Blade)
  • 8bbbb45ad93f Pistolera (Level Up: Feather Hat)
  • D2fc6f4d949 Pistolera (Level Up: Bolero Sleeves)
  • F8af6034d945 Pistolera (Level Up: Pistol Belt)
  • 4e4b595bd943 Pistolera (Level Up: Gunner's Hair)
  • 77ef9594d94b Pistolera (Soul Healer: Game Over!)

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