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Petulant Enchanters posses the power of illusions to confuse and distract their foes. They have no trouble making playmates fall under their spell, but if one should snap out of it - watch out! That axe is no toy...

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  • A3c2e9f598a5cb Petulant Enchanter
  • D902ba9598a5cd Petulant Enchanter (Armored Blouse)
  • D0d63d9b98a5d1 Petulant Enchanter (Armored Skirt)
  • Aa166efb98a5d3 Petulant Enchanter (Stabby Janes)
  • B7135e4398a5f1 Petulant Enchanter (Lavender Ringlets)
  • 89cf2b2698a5eb Petulant Enchanter (Enchanted Axe)
  • 3853abe398a5f3 Petulant Enchanter (Cerberus)

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