Description[edit | edit source]

When two diehard panda fans meet at Akihabeara, pandamonium quickly follows as they spend the day exploring together.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 5dd8baed98c6f3.png Pandaista
  • D2984f4d98c6f5.png Pandaista (Undergarments)
  • A8581c2d98c6f7.png Pandaista (Bangles with Panda Ring)
  • 1768a24c98c6f9.png Pandaista (Beanie)
  • Ec443a2898c6fb.png Pandaista (Lensless Glasses)
  • 9684694898c6fd.png Pandaista (Ling's Hair)
  • 19c49ce898c6ff.png Pandaista (Qin's Hair)
  • 6304cf8898c701.png Pandaista (Scarf)
  • Dc3471e998c703.png Pandaista (Necklace)
  • 6ad0488698c705.png Pandaista (Sweater)
  • 10101be698c707.png Pandaista (Dress)
  • E590bd2698c70b.png Pandaista (Shorts)
  • 2ecc6e8398c715.png Pandaista (On-the-go Boots)
  • 9f50ee4698c709.png Pandaista (Tote Bag)
  • 5aa0034798c70d.png Pandaista (Hair Buns)
  • A18c9b2398c70f.png Pandaista (Eyes)
  • Db4cc84398c711.png Pandaista (Cutie Arms)
  • 540c3de398c713.png Pandaista (Two-piece Top)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 2nd Gen could be acquired from Spinami.

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