Ongaku no Yurei (all positions except spooky music and envelope)


"She was a wandering spirit in the woods until she heard Karasu's beautiful music. If one listens closely to the wind, maybe one will hear a lovely voice interlaced with soft shamisen playing... Includes ghostly bow, headphones, spectral hair, torn kimono, floating leg pose, flowing sleeves, and haunting music astra."


  • 799484e79b702d Ongaku no Yurei
  • 354d7879b702b Ongaku no Yurei (haunting sound)
  • 279350669b7031 Ongaku no Yurei (flowing sleeves)
  • C6a43a869b702f Ongaku no Yurei (shroud)
  • 8c1422279b7029 Ongaku no Yurei (floating dance)
  • 98df1ee89b664b Ongaku no Yurei (ghostly hair)
  • 280206ff9b6e09 Ongaku no Yurei (spooky music)
  • Abd13cdd9a86dd August 2015 Collectible Envelope

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