Old Nikolas (all positions)


"Old Nikolas has been a legendary figure in the frosty north for centuries. His just rule of the elven people is not to be mistaken for complacency in old age; though he has a jolly heart, he has won countless battles with his birch spear, his crimson leather garments magically protecting him from the bitter cold wind while less hardy invaders succumb to the elements."


  • 5e8012d698a6f3 Old Nikolas
  • 244041b698a6f5 Old Nikolas (Salt and Pepper Beard)
  • Ab00b41698a6f7 Old Nikolas (Armored Great Coat)
  • D1c0e77698a6f9 Old Nikolas (Fur Lined Boots)
  • 6ef0591798a6fb Old Nikolas (Birch-Grown Spear)
  • D814607898a6fd Old Nikolas (Cold Sunset)

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