Night Weaver (all positions)


An ancient deity charged with the simple and elegant task of weaving stars into the night sky. His regal cape and garments are studded with glittering stars, and a mask embroidered with the image of the moon obscures his face. Though nearly every night of the year the Weaver perfects his craft with unseeing eyes, on the solstice he removes his mask and gazes down at his handiwork reflected in the waters below.


  • E48a825916d1d Night Weaver
  • 5bba3c3816d1b Night Weaver (Moonlit Hair)
  • Ae3a9af816d17 Night Weaver (Weaving Stars)
  • 1fa61a3d16d1f Night Weaver (Starlight Cape)
  • 217a6f5816d19 Night Weaver (Star-Studded Trousers)
  • D4fac99816d15 Night Weaver (Moonlit River)

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