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Description Edit

Maybe she’s born with it.

Positions Edit

  • 7fd6f36d9d3263 Natural Lashes
  • 516a00d9d3265 Natural Lashes (Dark Shadow)
  • 8a5655ad9d3267 Natural Lashes (Fair Shadow)
  • 4fa6b8ac9d326b Natural Lashes (Warm Shadow)
  • F94281c39d326d Natural Lashes (Caramel Shadow)
  • 8382d2a39d326f Natural Lashes (Fair with Light Lashes)
  • Cc227039d3271 Natural Lashes (Warm with Light Lashes)
  • 760274639d3273 Natural Lashes (Caramel with Light Lashes)

Trivia Edit

  • This item was designed by user Naturalist.

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