Avatar with all positions except Armor Circlet


'Thrill' seekers who went on great adventures so long ago that their exploits were considered 'myth' often wore protective garments to protect them from legendary evils. This armor set is descended from centuries of evolution of this fine craft.


  • 7f7718b329eb.png Mythrill Armor
  • 5b74bd329ed.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Belt)
  • 7508418d29ef.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Circlet)
  • Fc812ed29f1.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Helmet)
  • 4f07537429f3.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Mantle)
  • 6272280b29f5.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Shoulders)
  • 18b27b6b29f7.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Guards)
  • 680d713529f9.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Skirt)
  • 12cd225529fb.png Mythrill Armor (Armor Shinguards)
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