Mournful Wail (all positions)


A Mournful Wail is not the sort of thing you want to hear while roaming the cold halls of a spooky castle. She may appear to be a distressed damsel, but if you listen long to her maddening cries, she will reveal her true nature - a spirit from beyond the grave intent on devouring your soul.


  • 2d4dee16989a13 Mournful Wail
  • 578dbd76989a15 Mournful Wail (Ghostly Tresses)
  • E8bd0317989a17 Mournful Wail (Ghostly Nightgown)
  • Abd99cb8989a1d Mournful Wail (Ghostly Translucency)
  • 5e593a78989a19 Mournful Wail (Black Tears)
  • 24996918989a1b Mournful Wail (Wailing)

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