Description[edit | edit source]

Please use Mini UFOs with caution. Side effects may include headaches, nausea, inexplicable fondness for cows, loss of mental control, rudeness toward carbon-based life, and irregular "duties."

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 1f8299282b83.png Mini UFO
  • 32f7e2512b85.png Mini UFO (Crash Site)
  • 4837b1312b87.png Mini UFO (Mind Control)
  • 3888bb6f2b89.png Mini UFO (Scanning for Life)
  • 4248e80f2b8b.png Mini UFO (Abduction)
  • 287a9902b8d.png Mini UFO (Headphone Home)
  • 654ce0c2b8f.png Mini UFO (Mothership and Child)
  • 7c949d6c2b91.png Mini UFO (Kart Rider)
  • C2b97342b93.png Mini UFO (Child Support)

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