"Choose between two powerful forms!

  • The Variable Exo Form mecha suit allows both a defensive and offensive posture in the form of a combat robot and and fully armed fighter jet.
  • The Neko Form mecha suit combines the protection of nearly impenetrable alloy armor with a robotic boost in speed and reflexes."


  • 1b19d5cb343d Mecha Form
  • 4bd44478340b VXS-Alpha Mecha Helmet
  • C494b1d8340d VXS-Alpha Mecha Helmet (Fighter Mode)
  • Be54e2b8340f VXS-Alpha Mecha Torso
  • 1645cd93411 VXS-Alpha Mecha Torso (Fighter Mode)
  • Fa48c4bd3413 VXS-Alpha Mecha Legs
  • 808897dd3415 VXS-Alpha Mecha Legs (Fighter Mode)
  • Fc8627d3417 VXS-Alpha Mecha Wing Pack
  • 7508311d3419 VXS-Alpha Mecha Wing Pack (Fighter Mode)
  • 1c616c61342f Mecha Form (Neko Helm - No Visor)
  • Aa85550e3431 Mecha Form (Neko Helm - Visor Shield)
  • D045066e3433 Mecha Form (Neko Helm - Full Visor)
  • 5f05f3ce3435 Mecha Form (Neko Suit)
  • 25c5a0ae3437 Mecha Form (Neko Suit - Paw Protect)
  • 9af51ecf3439 Mecha Form (Neko Booster Bottom)
  • 61d986ab343b Mecha Form (Neko Booster Tail Bottom)

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